tj milian and ben riede met as roommates in the dorm rooms at the ohio state university. while each had very different musical tastes, they found they shared an interest in the bizarre.

their first collaborations produced seven eclectic mix tapes under the name “pfu.” as the series progressed, the output became stranger and weirder. 70s prog rock classics and familiar children’s sing-a-long songs bleed into heavy industrial rhythms which then morph into backwards-masked television show theme songs with porno samples on top. you never know what might come next. the duo also collaborated on the "you’re trippin’ hard!" compilations. the abundance of copyrighted material used to make these audio excursions eliminated any possibility of ever releasing these magical mixes to the public, but anyone who has ever heard them will no doubt tell you that pfu is pretty fucked up!

tj milian received audio engineering training at the recording workshop in ohio. he has engineered in various studios throughout the midwest. tj scored the opening credits to the feature-length suspense film all the days undone. he collaborated with twisted tomorrow's j. patrick long, remixing a 1998 techno version of south park, the american cartoon. early in his career, milian performed keyboard duties in emanon, alongside singer/songwriter ryan “buzz” bussey and bass guru chuck queen. with queen, tj co-wrote “your turn” for the band verbal abuse.

milian's most notable dj performance took place at eclectic in chicago. the set entitled
a clockwork orgy” was a play on the stanley kubrick classic a clockwork orange.
tj played an industrial/electronica set in front of a screen of images from the movie
a clockwork orange edited together with its porn counterpart a clockwork orgy. by all accounts, an unforgettable performance.

tj milian is currently based in los angeles as a composer/producer/dj.

benedict riede has produced numerous paintings, drawings, sculptures and sketches. ben is the visual force behind hypha.