The Ten Step Program:

1. The First Step
2. Compelled to Climb mp3 (2.5MB)
3. Storm in the Brain mp3 (3.9MB)
4. Are We Being Pursued? mp3 (1.8MB)
5. Getting Dizzy mp3 (3.8MB)
6. The Second Floor
7. Fatigue Sets In
8. The Blinding Light
9. Behind the Door
10. Floating Away

"compelled to climb"

itís too late
ascending the stairs
slightly upward
we are compelled to climb
we are compelled
we are compelled to climb

got to get out of here
god damn it!
got to get away
got to get out of here
got to get away
fuck this!
fuck this place

the stairs are our friends
each and every one
with each one we step on
the farther up we get
with each one we crush
the better off we are
and with each one we leave behind
the closer we are
to the edge

"behind the door"

i didn't mean to open my eyes
i didn't mean to
but i couldn't help it
i just couldn't
open this way
the way it meant to be
and someday
you will see