i woke up and decided to follow my dream. i am releasing my 13th solo music collection as my debut album. tj milian: one hand tied behind my back. i recorded the music and noise one-handed following an injury to my right wrist that i am still recovering from. i am offering the one and only copy of this album on ebay [auction here] as a box set full of weird and interesting artifacts. the auction ends this monday night, june 23. until then you can listen to rough versions of many of the tracks on once the auction is over, i will remove the mp3 files from the site, and all my music recorded from february to may of this year will not be available again until june 13, 2013. partial list of what is included in the box set: the album, extras dvd, 8x10 photos, my cast, t-shirt, 3 hours of additional future music ($113) and a private concert anywhere in the world on june 13, 2013 ($313). -tj

hypha are planning a new wave of live shows. one of the upcoming sets will feature a tribute to jim copp and ed brown. more info soon.

it's a pfu world.


don't fuck with the french police.

surround music awards last night at the beverly hilton.

tj milian is currently directing a pfu short film tentatively titled "wake up dreams." shooting is scheduled for various locations around the world. last week filming took place in the “madonna room” at the chelsea in new york city.

cartoony world at tai mall in taipei is pfu.

elephant massage in thailand.

tj at universal studios stage 6.

view the playlist and listen to the intro from dj milian's set last month in milan here.

audio samples from hypha's going upstairs and mind massage are now online.
you can also download all four remixes from the patdaddy's south park experience cd.

ben and tj in the catacombs in paris.

cardinal sin is dead.

tj milian will be performing a dj set of industrial/ebm music on june 25 at l'evento in milan.

i am beginning work on scoring the closer she gets, a film documentary by craig ouellette. it's the real-life story of his mother's battle with cancer. i attended the screening of a rough cut of the film at the slamdance film festival in park city earlier this year. it doesn't get any more real than this. stay tuned. -tj

i'm flying! i am learning how to fly airplanes. it's crazy! i have taken off 3 times and logged about 4 hours of flying time. going to the mtv movie awards tomorrow night. for those of you who think i've been just fucking off lately, you're right! but i promise, new music is coming. ben and i will be at the greenfield festival in interlaken, switzerland on june 24. keep an eye out for announcements of upcoming dj tj gigs in europe this month. -tj

in new york city. hung out with nine inch nails and the dresden dolls backstage at the hammerstein ballroom last night. david bowie was there, too. got to run. -tj

london was a blast. the shows were great. met gary numan at the astoria and a lot of other interesting people while in the land obscured by clouds. i was sitting in an english garden waiting for the sun... and it never came! -tj